Juventus market, accelerated for Martial. But it's a duel with Bayern Munich

The Allegri club wants the French point en route with United: Bavarians on pole. Challenge also on Emre Can. There are always those others, powerful friends and with a lot of money: the last intertwining of the market at Juve always end in the same way, in the duel with Bayern Monaco. And besides the telenovela Emre Can, now close to the last episode, the other clash is on Anthony Martial, the Frenchman of United who at the end of 2015 seemed destined to dominate the Continent. The expected explosion has not been there, but at the age of 22 it is still allowed a slight slowdown. In any case, now Mourinho seems to prefer him more, first Alexis Sanchez snatched Arsenal in January: for this the former Monaco striker will come out of the red part of Manchester and is very interested in the Lady. Still young, with a talent to water, it represents the perfect profile for the green turning point. Indeed, it would be ideal to collect the legacy of Mario Mandzukic, not so sure of keeping the black and white on him.

The interest is known in the entourage of Martial and the contacts have had a recent acceleration, but there is a high wall in between: despite the attempts of the bianconeri, today Bayern seems ahead. He fabricated the canvas in advance and has a few more arrows in addition to the known economic availability: it would offer the French a suggestion, he would be the designated heir to take the attack bands. Both the one owned by Robben, and the other made in Ribery: Martial is ductile, recited on different scores and for this reason it has been very popular with Juventus managers. The Frenchman, already close to Juve when he promised well as a kid in Lyon, has a contract that expires in 2019. There would be the 2020 option, but the hypothesis is excluded because Mourinho has other projects: "It is played in 11 I can not do anything about it, "José said recently.Follow VIP extra tips and bet on your favourite game.

Between England and Bavaria To take him to the Premier at 19, United paid sixty million and were not yet the time of the latest cheerful expenses. For this, a robust check will be needed: from 50 upwards. In England it earns about 5 million per season and the number does not scare the Bianconeri. The Bavarian pressing, which arrives on the same days as the one around Emre Can, scares the most. The Turkish, the Lady's promised husband, is making the latest assessments. He is in his family home in Frankfurt: he spends his days between chats with friends and long back therapies to recover from the injury that has made him lose these exciting months in Liverpool.

Over time the chances of renewal have been reduced to a minimum, indeed Can has long since given a broad word to the bianconeri. Last summer, when the courtship started, he had also made a quick visit to Vinovo and was impressed by a world-class reality. The ready-made contract would be 5 million plus bonus for 5 years and, on this basis, Juventus never lost optimism. Bayern, however, is a sucker on the German players: despite the greater competition that it would find in Bavaria, Emre also suffers the charm. And the future arrival of Nico Kovac, a technician who focuses on young people and to whom the median would be comfortable, certainly does not play the game of a.d. Marotta and d.s. Paratici, great weavers of the operation. However, this should be the week of the sentence: in a few days the first Bayern-Juve duel will be decided.

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